Driving America - Book
Driving America – Book by Joshua Slay

I was inspired to do a social life experiment by driving people via app “Do the math on what driving app I’m speaking off” to get familiar with Boston and let Boston get familiar with me.

Through my daily driving app experiences I will share stories and conversations that you’ll prolly find hard to believe but trust me everything in this book 100% true no need for me to fabricate anything at all.

I’m from Michigan aka the Midwest so it was very interesting to see how the Midwestern vibe mixes with a Bostonian culture, I feel The world is fueled by way too many shallow fake things that hold no real value in life.

A lot of people in Boston live in this social economic boogie racial liberal bubble that truly needs to be popped I felt very inspired to write a book that’s filled with nothing but real life that will break down the characteristics of what kind of people floating around Boston on a daily basis.